Free Yoga and Workout Videos

Here is some free exercise inspiration! Please enjoy and use it to help you stay healthy. I’ve decided to leave music out of most of these so that you can play your own (yours is almost definitely better than royalty free music). If you need some musical inspiration you can follow some of my playlists on Spotify.

10 Minute Abs HIIT Workout

If you don’t want to be able to stand up straight for 2 days this video is for you! I’m kidding… kind of. This can be done as a quick work out or can be used in rounds, do this two or three times for a challenge. Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes.

10 Minute Legs HIIT Workout

Here is a quick option for leg day so there is no reason to skip it! It’s only 10 min. if you don’t have much time and if you do and want a little more it is designed to be done in rounds. You can replay the video for a deeper workout.

I put these videos up for your benefit in these crazy times and I expect nothing in return. If they added some value for you and you feel inclined to give a donation it will help me improve the experience in the future and continue to offer expertly crafted content. (my video editing skills are not included in the “expert” part but I’m getting better!)

Intermediate (maybe a little advanced) Calming Vinyasa Flow

Use this flow to help get a little calm in your life. It starts with a little breath work to get your mind centered and your nervous system under control. I threw in a few poses that will help calm the mind and you can use them outside of this practice when you need a moment (try wide leg forward fold and focus on deep breaths!). Leave me a comment with what you liked or what you want to see more of!

IG live class recording: Vinyasa flow for arm and shoulder strength.

Sorry for the poor video quality but this sequence will get your arms pumping! I highly recommend it if you are looking to build upper body strength. There are modifications for every level.

Vinyasa flow – Legs and Cardio (high intensity)

This one is tough if you do 100% of the movements but if it ever get to be too much it’s ok to take a break. You’re in the comfort of your own home and no one will ever know. This video was made for IGTV so please excuse the quality but its still a great workout.

This page is under construction. I am working hard to bring you more content at this time. Keep checking back for a library of videos to keep you fit during quarantine.

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